Question Matrix

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The Question Matrix was designed by Chuck Weiderhold in 1991. It contains 36 question starters asking what, where, when, which, who, why and how. Proceeding through the matrix, the questions become more complex and open-ended.
The Question Matrix could be used:


 Event Situation Choice Person Reason Means
Present What is? Where / When is? Which did? Who is? Why is? How is?
Past What did? Where / When did? Which did? Who did? Why did? How did?
Possibility What can? Where / When can? Which can? Who can? Why can? How can?
Probability What would? Where / When would? Which would? Who would? Why would? How would?
Prediction What will? Where / When will? Which will? Who will? Why will? How will?
Imagination What might? Where / When might? Which might? Who might? Why might? How might?

Useful websites

Useful websites for using the Question Matrix:

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