Out of School Hours Care and Vacation Care

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) and Vacation Care services provide supervised recreational activities and care for primary school age children. OSHC services offer a range of age appropriate activities which encourage children to interact with friends, learn life skills, problem solve and be challenged by new experiences in a safe and relaxed environment. These services may offer care

Attendance in OSHC can be on a casual, part-time, regular or emergency basis. Services are very accommodating to families’ needs. The cost of care varies depending on the fee set by the service and the income of the family.

Services may be community based or privately operated. Many OSHC services are located on school grounds, others are located in community facilities or child care centres. Services on school grounds are usually operated by school councils which may delegate the day to day business to a subcommittee (OSHC Management Committee). Ideally this management committee includes parent users, school council or school board members, principals or deputy principals and/or operator representatives. Other services are operated by community organisations.

Out of School Hours Care services on Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) sites must follow standards set by the Department and most services on other sites voluntarily follow these standards. Staff from Department for Education and Child Development Licensing and Standards Unit validate services compliance with the standards.

Parents of children attending an approved OSHC service may be eligible for financial assistance towards the part payment of child care fees through the Commonwealth Government’s (CCB) Childcare Benefit Scheme .


On Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) sites staff are usually employed by the school governing council.

Quality Assurance

Out of School Hours Care must meet the requirements of the Commonwealth Government’s Outside School Hours Care Quality Assurance system (OSHCQA). This system is administered by the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) and designed to promote a high standard of care. All outside school hours care services are required to register with the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC) and meet the requirements of the Quality Assurance System in order to be eligible to receive Child Care Benefit (CCB) see links below. 

A current Certificate of Accreditation is displayed in all accredited services.  Accredited services also receive a composite Quality Profile detailing their strengths and opportunities for improvement. Families can request to see this profile.

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