Primary School Zoning - W

Walkerville Primary School

Main North Road (eastern side) from Robe Terrace to Burwood Avenue; Burwood Avenue (both sides) to North Street (both sides including Julia Court); Edwin Avenue (both sides) North East Road (both sides) from Edwin Avenue to Lansdowne Terrace; Landsdowne Terrace (to the River Torrens):  Battams Road (both sides) to Sixth Avenue; Sixth Avenue (both sides) from Battams Road to Stephen Terrace, Stephen Terrace (western side) to sixth avenue to Payneham Road; Payneham Road (northern side) from Stephen Terrace to Hackney Road; Hackney Road (to River Torrens); River Torrens to Frome Road; Frome Road from River Torrens to Stanley Street; Le Fevre Terrace to Medindie Road; Medindie Road to Robe Terrace; Robe Terrace to Main North Road.

Region 01 - Eastern Adelaide

West Lakes Shore Schools

Gulf of St Vincent to Trimmer Parade (northern side only) , Frederick Road (western side only), Sansom Road, Recreation Parade, Fairford Terrace, Bartley Terrace to Bartley Tavern Footbridge, including Delfin Island.

Region 04 - Western Adelaide

Westbourne Park Primary School

Mills Street, Goodwood Road, the railway line, Northgate Street, Victoria Avenue, Cross Road, Belair Road, Grange Road, Edward Street, Winston Avenue and East Avenue.

Region 03 - Southern Adelaide

Willunga Primary School

The area bounded by Range Road West (Sellicks Hill), Wakefield Road, Pages Flat Road, Yundi Road, Burma Road, Pottery Road, Jackson Hill Road, Continuation of Binney Road, Malpas Road, Adey Road, Culley Road, Sellicks Hill Range, Range Road West (Sellicks Hill).

 Region 03 - Southern Adelaide

Woodcroft Primary School

The area bounded by Reynell Road, Pine Road, Kelly's Road and Panalatinga Road.

Region 03 - Southern Adelaide

Woodend Primary School

Students residing in the area bounded by the southern side of Lander Road as the northern boundary and the Field River (and tributaries) as the other boundaries are in the zone. Families that reside in the area south of Lander Road without requiring to cross the Field River to the east, south or west are within the zone. The southern part of the zone continues to be developed with new housing and new roads. Please check with the school regarding this part of the school's zone.

Wynn Vale Primary School

The area bounded by The Grove Way, The Golden Way, McIntyre Road to the Salisbury Council boundary to The Grove Way.

Region 02 - Northern Adelaide

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