Annual reports from the department

The department produces an annual report each year for the SA Parliament. The annual report contains information for stakeholders about the department’s activities and outcomes for each calendar year, including progress towards South Australia’s Strategic Plan, financial information, human resources and statutory reporting.

Highlights of the 2014 Annual Report:

Numeracy and literacy initiatives

Work in 2014 focused on future initiatives to promote higher student achievement and engagement in numeracy and literacy learning. Critical indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy were identified and launched through a nine-week trial across 22 preschools. The Leading Numeracy Improvement program for site leaders was also launched and trialed in two local partnerships. DECD’s GreatStart website has now been accessed by more than 100 000 visitors and provides over 170 everyday activities for children and carers. More than 126 200 students from 681 schools completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2014, more than 95% of all schools in the State.

Families SA Redesign

Starting from 2012 through the Redesign program, Families SA has been examining its operations, looking at structure, system, processes, workforce configuration and practice to deliver future services to meet the changing needs of families and evolving community expectations. Extensive work was conducted in 2014 to build staff confidence, competence and specialised skills. A consistent practice model, Solution Based Casework, continued to be implemented across Families SA.

Child and Family Health Service

During 2013-14, 18 890 babies received a ‘universal contact’ visit from the Child and Family Health Service. The Family Home Visiting program has supported 10 204 families since 2004 and in 2013-14, 1670 families were actively involved in the program. During 2013-14, the Universal Neonatal Hearing Service screened 19 345 babies for childhood hearing loss. Parenting SA updated 10 of the 65 Parent Easy Guides for the general community, developed two new PEGs, distributed 232 150 PEGs on request, and distributed 19 733 ‘Right from the Start’ first reading books to new parents in the State.

Student pathways beyond school

In 2014, 5558 students completed their SACE with a vocational education and training component, (41% of SACE completers). There are now 255 industry pathways programs leading to Certificate III pathways in 106 South Australian secondary schools, with more than 10 000 students enrolled. By the end of 2014, more than 6000 students had successfully commenced Trade Schools for the Future apprenticeships or transitioned to full-time apprenticeships upon leaving school.