First Aid

Health support planning in education and children's services (chapter 3) (PDF) summarises roles and responsibilities for sites in the provision of first aid. First aid in education and children's services (PDF) (DETE 2001, updated with web references 2010) details practical information taught in basic first aid courses and required by sites to meet their first aid obligations to learners.

Principals and directors should ensure that all learners can access first aid support. Information about first aid training can be accessed at


First aid in education and children's services

First aid in early childhood centres and schools: a resource to support provision of first aid in childcare and education settings. Department of Education, Training and Employment, South Australia, first published 2001. Revised edition 2010: First aid in education and children's services (PDF).

These guidelines are available for downloading in sections on .

First aid flow charts

First aid flow chart

First aid flow charts (guides) are designed to be used in accordance with the Department for Education and Child Development Basic Emergency Life Support (ECD BELS) first aid training and Apply First Aid-Early Childhood (DECD).

See A-Z Health Support Index for condition-specific and other flow charts. The complete set is downloadable on .

Frequently Asked Questions

First aid equipment

First aid training agencies can provide advice regarding the nature, number and location of first aid kits. Staff should be trained and available to use the equipment as provided.

The Approved Code of Practice for First Aid in the Workplace has information about first aid kits in the workplace. Note: This code of practice is related to employee health. When administering first aid to children/students staff should only use the equipment they have been trained to use.

The contents of all first aid kits should be cleaned, checked and restocked after use and at least every six months by the accredited first aid staff member or other suitably qualified person. Some first aid agencies offer this service free of charge, along with advice about number and location of kits.


The following forms are designed to be used by education and care staff in developing systems for worksite monitoring and documentation.


The Department for Education and Child Development has an accredited basic emergency life support first aid course: ECD BELS (previously known as DECD BELS). The program has been developed to comply with national first aid training recommendations and is specifically tailored for staff working in education and care. Sites can book ECD BELS training for staff through Australian Red Cross SA Division on (08) 8293 9210.

In addition to basic first aid training, the department offers health support (e.g. IHSP and MMECS) and personal care support (e.g. OEDS and TAPS) training modules for education and childcare workers.

Some learners have an additional, individual first aid need (e.g. use of auto injectors for anaphylaxis, emergency (not routine) administration of oxygen for a respiratory condition, seizure management).

Staff asked to undertake such procedures as part of their responsibilities should first contact the health training officer on to determine whether a department funded and supported program is available. Where such programs are available, they should be attended by all staff members who have the learner in their care.

For further information on training and a complete list of department health support programs refer to

Principals and directors should ensure that all learners can access first aid support.

Education and Care Services National Regulations

The Education and Care Services National Regulations are now in place and many of these regulations apply to first aid provided by education and care services. Some forms have been developed to assist sites in meeting the requirements outlined in these regulations (refer to the Forms section on this webpage). These forms can be modified to meet the needs of individual services.

The DECD Early Childhood Services policies and procedures web page has additional information regarding first aid including incident and injury reporting, forms, training and reimbursement. The applicable sections are titled Administration of first aid and Incident, injury, trauma and illness.



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