SAPSASA - Primary School Sport is part of the Department for Education and Child Development's School Sport Unit at 32a Dew Street, Thebarton. SAPSASA works within the Department for Education and Child Development for the delivery of School Sport.

SAPSASA works in consultation with Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA), also based at the School Sport Unit to conduct school sport programs from R-12 DECD, Catholic and Independant schools.

Affiliation with SAPSASA is open to every government and non-government school with a primary component in the state. Primary school children aged 10 years and older are eligible to participate.

In 2012 SAPSASA celebrated its centenary with several significant events including the hosting of national championships, a celebratory function and other events and displays.


Latest News

Issue 4 of The SAPSASA Scene is now available.

Information and Nomination Details for all SAPSASA events are available by clicking on List of Sports and the specific sport(s) you are after.

The 2015 Calendar is now available.


If you wish to trial for a team, an online nomination form must be completed and submitted by the due date for each sport.
For more information, click on the List of Sports heading, then the specific sport.
Please note there is specific sport information as well as general information for each sport.

The following teams have been selected and team lists are available from the specifc sports page.
To see results for these events, see the School Sport Australia website.


State Championships / State Carnivals

The State Carnival Cricket DRAFT Draw is available.

Results from the following events are now available.
To view the results, click on List of Sports, then the specifc sport.


Draws for the following Knockout sports are available by clicking on List of Sports, then the specific sport.

Due Dates

Please take note of due dates for all events as late nominations will not be accepted.
Interstate Nominations due dates are listed under each sport.

Friday 30th October
Friday 6th November

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