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DECD Strategic Plan 2014 to 2017

The 2014 to 2017 Strategic Plan (PDF 456KB) outlines 6 priority areas for improvement and how they will be achieved:

  • strengthen our public education system
  • improve health, wellbeing and child safety
  • improve child safety services
  • increase our engagement of children, families and communities
  • provide timely access to services
  • provide an effective, efficient and transparent system.

Companion documents

The DECD Strategic Plan 2014 to 2017 is supported by: 

These documents reflect the need for transparency and constant improvement to the department’s policies and systems. They introduce new ways of working together and taking responsibility for improving outcomes for children, young people and families.

Aboriginal strategy

The department's Aboriginal Strategy 2013 to 2016 (PDF 1MB) is designed to improve educational experiences and outcomes for South Australia's Aboriginal students in 7 priority areas:

  • readiness for school
  • engagement and connections
  • attendance
  • literacy and numeracy
  • leadership, quality teaching and workforce development
  • pathways to real post-school options
  • Aboriginal employment.

The strategy aligns with national priorities and aims to ensure that all Aboriginal children and young people will achieve their full potential. Achieving these targets will require significant effort and collaboration across government and non-government agencies, communities and families. 

Reconciliation Action Plan 

The Reconciliation Action Plan (PD 1.2MB) focuses on the steps the department will take to deliver the government's policies and programs to better engage with Aboriginal Australians.

It brings together the key initiatives the department will undertake to support reconciliation as a means of improving the outcomes of Aboriginal people.

The plan aims to help build trust, effective relationships and a sense of belonging and identity for Aboriginal people. It aims to foster and express respect for the role of Aboriginal traditional land owners and their cultures.

Our commitment

The department is committed to helping improve the lives of Aboriginal South Australians through care, education and training. The gap in educational and life outcomes currently experienced by Aboriginal South Australians is well recognised and reducing this gap is a national government priority.

The department recognises that true reconciliation will only exist when all Aboriginal children, young people, and employees can reach their full potential and enjoy the same opportunities and quality of life that all South Australians expect.

General enquiries

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