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Planning for new or significantly changed non-government schools

Conclusion of the planning committee

Following the review of State Government boards and committees, the Planning Committee for Non-Government Schools concluded on 31 December 2014.

Some of the functions formerly undertaken by the Planning Committee will be progressively transferred to the Education Standards Board.


During the transition, the Non-Government Schools and Services Unit (NGSSU) will assist with proposals and queries relating to new or significantly changed non-government schools for which State funding is sought.

Proposals will be considered in terms of planning and related criteria determined by the Minister for Education and Child Development, and set down in the Non-Government Schools Planning Policy.

Future funding

Groups and organisations intending to seek State Government funding for new or significantly changed non-government schools are invited to contact the NGSSU project and policy officer on 8226 1220. Alternatively you can nancy.caporaso [at] sa.gov.au (send us an email).

Past planning bulletins


Non-Government Schools and Services unit

Phone: 8226 0042
Email: DECD.NGSSU [at] sa.gov.au