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East Marden prioritises local enrolments

Friday, March 3, 2017

A formal capacity management plan has been introduced at East Marden Primary School to assist in managing enrolment numbers and give families living within the school’s catchment area priority access to available places.

Under the plan published in the Government Gazette today, the school will initially only consider enrolment applications up until the end of week 5, term 3 for reception students starting in 2018 who are living in the school’s zone or who have a sibling currently attending the school.

Applications made after this time will only be considered by the school if a vacancy is available. For year levels 1 to 7, applications for prospective students living inside the school zone will be considered only if vacancies exist.

Families will be notified by the school at the beginning of term 4 if a vacancy is available for their child to attend. If a vacancy does not exist, the applicant will be placed on an enrolment register and referred for enrolment to a neighbouring school.

Priority consideration will be given to applicants already on the enrolment register who live within the catchment area, and no new international students will be admitted.


Full details of the plans are set out in the Government Gazette.

The school will review the plan during 2018 and update if necessary for 2019.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Partnerships, Schools and Preschools, Anne Millard

Introducing the plan ensures families already enrolled who have been living in the area have priority access to the school closest to where they reside.

The school has liaised with other schools in the area to ensure they can cater to students who do not have priority access to East Marden Primary School.

This move will ensure the school community can continue to operate in safety and comfort in the years ahead.