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Enrol your child in preschool for 2018

Monday, June 5, 2017

Eligible families are encouraged to enrol their child in preschool before 30 July this year to ensure they receive the best start to their education in 2018.

As well as preparing children for the transition into school, preschool provides a strong educational foundation which helps children to develop the necessary skills for learning success such as language, motor and cognitive skills, and social behaviours.

Preschool enrolment applications are prioritised for families who live within the site’s catchment area which ensures children can attend their local facility.


Children who turn 4 before 1 May 2018 are eligible to start preschool at the beginning of next year. Aboriginal children and children under guardianship of the Minister are entitled to attend preschool once they turn 3.

All children are entitled to access 4 terms of government preschool in the year before they start school in South Australia.

Parents can visit the DECD website or visit their local preschool for more information.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Early Years and Child Development, Ann-Marie Hayes

Preschool is a vital element in every child’s development as they learn to interact and play in a structured environment which prepares them for the transition into a school.

All of our preschools are staffed with early childhood experts who are there to support children and their families in beginning their educational journey.

It’s so important for children to receive a head start in learning and I encourage families to go in and have a chat with their local preschool about enrolment options.