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NAPLAN online update

Friday, January 13, 2017

With assistance from the department, up to 50 schools will begin the transition to undertake the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) online in 2017.

The decision follows extensive consultation with principals and readiness testing involving 92% of government schools which was carried out in August 2016. The feedback from schools was wide ranging and included the request for additional training.

The department and other jurisdictions are working with ACARA and Education Services Australia to ensure that key materials such as user handbooks and protocols are finalised.

Having a maximum of 50 schools participating in 2017 means department staff will be in a position to provide the necessary support during the NAPLAN test period should there be any technical and operational glitches or issues.

This will minimise disruption to students and staff and maintain the integrity of the testing process.

With the work we have been undertaking with schools, South Australia is on track to achieve a full roll-out of NAPLAN online in 2019, as agreed by all states and territories.Nationally it has been decided that year 3 writing tests will not be done online in 2017.

Schools will be selected from those that have indicated readiness to participate in 2017. This process will take place shortly.