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Schools centre of community

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A series of videos have been released highlighting the state government’s vision to transform its schools into hubs that enhance community engagement through sharing its facilities for sport, health services, community college, cultural events and much more.

The videos feature a group of schools who discuss how they initiated the concept and now successfully use their sites to hold a range of programs and activities which align with community needs and goals.

Feedback previously sought from schools and governing councils on how this can best be achieved will be used to create a resource to guide schools, community groups and sectors to look at how they can open up school facilities to be accessible to everyone.


The Schools as Community Hubs project has a statewide action group with representatives from local and state government, community organisations, sporting groups and principal associations.

Quotes attributable to Executive Director Early Years and Child Development, Ann-Marie Hayes

The Schools as Community Hubs concept is a priority for the state government and we want to ensure schools and community needs are met through strengthening relationships and partnerships within a space.

Many of our sites already have strong relationships with community members, organisations, groups and services, and work with them in innovative ways that work best for them.

There are countless benefits of community hubs in helping to build stronger social networks, enhance community wellbeing and increase engagement which leads to better learning outcomes for children, young people and their families.

Using schools as community hubs is more than just sharing a space, it’s about the social links and wellbeing of young people and the wider community.