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Departmental policies

A number of the department’s policy documents, including policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and frameworks, are accessible via this page.

If you are unable to find a particular policy document using this search, please contact the Central Policy Unit.

DECD staff searching for policy documents should use the DECD Intranet (login required)

  • This policy outlines the department's obligations and processes for dealing with disclosures of public interest information made by 'whistleblowers'.

  • These Workplace Learning Procedures replace the previously published Workplace Learning Guidelines 2004, and have been jointly reviewed and updated by the Department for Education and Child Develop

  • The writing procurement specifications guideline describes the process required for developing a specification for the acquisition of goods, services and/or consultancies.



Operational Policy and Across Government Projects unit

Phone: 8226 1000 or 1800 088 158
Email: DECDPolicy [at] sa.gov.au