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Departmental policies

A number of the department’s policy documents, including policies, procedures, guidelines, standards and frameworks, are accessible via this page.

If you are unable to find a particular policy document using this search, please contact the Central Policy Unit.

DECD staff searching for policy documents should use the DECD Intranet (login required)

  • The purpose of this policy is to provide information to departmental employees in relation to accessing Government Employee Housing (GEH) where available.

  • This policy relates to the eligibility and conditions for enrolment at the Open Access College and clarifies which students are eligible to enrol.

  • Ethnic and Community Language Schools that apply for and are granted accreditation or re-accreditation will be eligible for student per capita funding under this procedure.

  • This procedure aims to ensure the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) Family Day Care (FDC) services and educators are aware of their obligations in relation to fee setting and as

  • The Flexible Learning Option Enrolment policy defines the requirements for a Flexible Learning Option (FLO) enrolment for disengaged students in Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) students.

  • Framework for Discretionary Payments with Temporary Teaching Service.

  • The purpose of this policy is to provide a clear statement to all people engaged with Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) sites and services that fraud, corruption and other forms of criminal conduct, misconduct and maladministration will not be tolerated.

  • The Gifted and Talented Children and Students policy offers guidance on the identification of gifted and talented learners and the provision of appropriate curriculum, pedagogy and educational pathways that supports gifted and talented learners to achieve their full academic, personal and social potential.

  • Great start literacy brochure for everyday learning for numeracy and literacy for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. 

  • These guidelines provide information that will support the provision of a creche service operating on a Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) site. The guidelines include information relating to responsibilities, staffing and correct ratios.



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