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Conducting research and evaluation

Before undertaking any research, see the research and evaluation procedures and guidelines.

Application forms

Undertaking research within the Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) sites

The conducting research with DECD staff, students and data procedure (PDF 361KB) explains the process for conducting any research within departmental sites. Researchers should read the procedure before completing the research application form (DOCX 182KB).

Researchers should include the checklist of research attachments document with their research application.

Undertaking school-based research in more than one Australian state or territory

Different forms and guidelines may apply to researchers undertaking projects across other states and territories.

Researchers should consult guidelines specific to the state research is to be conducted in.

Alternatively, applicants can submit a national application form (PDF 317KB), after reading the national application form guidelines (PDF 151KB).

Accessing information

Data that is already held by the department but not typically collected for the purposes of research includes:

  • enrolments
  • attendance

See data access requests for more information.


Both South Australian and national applications for research and evaluation must be submitted to decd.researchunit [at] sa.gov.au.


Research and Evaluation

Phone: 8226 1206
Email: decd.researchunit [at] sa.gov.au