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Reporting incidents – OSHC third party providers

Approved providers of education and care services are required to report certain types of incidents to:

  • the Education Standards Board
  • the South Australian Department for Education and Child Development (DECD)
  • the Australian Government Department of Education and Training. 

Reporting incidents

Injuries, critical incidents and security incidents occurring at a site involving a third party OSHC service must be:

  • recorded on the relevant department form
  • provided to the site leader
  • placed on the Incident Response Management System (IRMS) within 24 hours.

The injury report form must be completed for accidents or injuries to persons that result in hospitalisation, medical or dental treatment where complications may result or where there is a possibility that legal action may be taken against the department or the user group.

Serious critical incidents

In the event of a serious critical incident: 

  • the third party provider must contact the principal and School Care immediately by phone on (08) 8463 6564 and complete a notifiable incident report form (Word 79KB) 
  • the principal must lodge a report on IRMS within 12 hours of being notified. The site is responsible for attaching the copy of the notification report to the IRMS report
  • the third party provider must make sure that the service completes the form SI01 or NL01. These forms are available from www.acecqa.gov.au/notifications.

The SI01 or NL01 form must be submitted within 24 hours to the:

Both the board and the department of education and training must receive the forms within 24 hours of the incident.

The third party provider is responsible for providing a copy of the notification report to the principal.

Vacation care

In the event that IRMS is not immediately available, refer to reporting incidents on your site (PDF 318KB).


When addressing complaints you should follow the service grievance or complaints policy. 

The third party provider must provide a written report to the principal three working days prior to an advisory committee meeting.

The report must include:

  • details of all complaints received
  • action taken to resolve the complaints
  • time frame for resolution.

The complainant can contact the Education Complaint unit on 1800 677 435 or DECD.EducationComplaint [at] sa.gov.au (by email), and the Education Standards Board

Advise the principal within 24 hours of any notifications made to the Education Standards Board as required under the Education and Early Childhood Services (Registration and Standards) Regulations 2011, including complaints.

Notifying the board

The third party provider is responsible for ensuring the service notifies the Education Standards Board where relevant, using the ACECQA form NL01. The form is available from the ACECQA website.


Out of school hours care unit

Phone: 8226 6427
Emaildecd.oshc [at] sa.gov.au