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Parenting seminars and videos

Free parenting seminars

Positive approaches to discipline with Dr Justin Coulson - save the date

Tuesday 19 June 2018, 7.00pm to 9.00pm at the Adelaide Convention Centre and via live webcast.

Presented by Dr Justin Coulson.

More details to be advised.

Raising brilliantly behaved children

Hear about positive approaches to children’s behaviour and discipline, which can lower stress and drama in the family.

Learn how to:

  • encourage cooperation rather than conflict
  • use alternatives to punishment
  • deal with challenging behaviour in ways that bring out children’s strengths and character.

Watch a recording of the seminar presented by parenting expert Jodie Benveniste on 21 March 2018. This video will be available until Friday 20 April.

Toddlers and big feelings

Learn how to help your toddler thrive by:

  • building a strong connection
  • seeing things through their eyes
  • helping them manage strong feelings
  • guiding their behaviour.

Watch a recording of the seminar presented by Mandy Seyfang, Department for Education and Child Development on 15 November 2017.

If you have any questions, call 8303 1660 or email health.parentingsa [at] health.sa.gov.au

Parenting videos

School aged children and teenagers

Living with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout
Teenagers and feelings - Kirrilie Smout
Managing conflict with teenagers - Kirrilie Smout
Helping teens online - Kirrilie Smout
Children, teens and pornography - Justin Coulson
Girls: resilience, respect and healthy relationships - Justin Coulson
Breaking the 'boy code': teaching boys about respectful relationships - Justin Coulson
Sleep and teenagers - Sarah Blunden

Toddlers, young children and school aged children

Toddlers and touchscreens- Justin Coulson
Sleep and screen use - Sarah Blunden
Sleep and toddlers - Sarah Blunden

All ages

Getting children to listen - Jodie Benveniste
What helps parents be their best? - Jodie Benveniste
What parenting style is best for children? - Jodie Benveniste
Where do you get your parenting ideas? - Jodie Benveniste


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