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Positive Parenting program (Triple P)

The Positive Parenting program (Triple P) teaches parents and caregivers simple, practical strategies to confidently tackle parenting issues. The evidence-based strategies help parents build positive, strong and healthy relationships with their children. The parenting skills will help you:

  • set family routines and rules
  • develop positive relationships
  • raise happy, healthy and confident children
  • balance work and family
  • create a happy, safe environment where your family can thrive.

Triple P doesn’t tell you how to be a parent. It gives you a choice of strategies that you can adapt for all types of parenting situations and problems.

Triple P is delivered through seminars, group sessions and one-to-one support. The range of options available means parents can receive as much or as little help as they like, depending on individual preferences and situation.

Who can participate

Triple P is available for free to parents and caregivers of children from birth to 12 years in:

  • The Limestone Coast region
  • City of Playford
  • City of Salisbury
  • City of Port Adelaide Enfield.

Accessing Triple P

 Triple P seminars, workshops and one-to-one support are being rolled out across the four areas of South Australia.

Visit the Triple P in South Australia website to learn more about the program and find out when a free session is being delivered in your area.

Free access to the program is part of a 4-year SA Government roll out to South Australian families until July 2019.

Host a Triple P seminar

Expressions of interest are being sought from primary schools, preschools, childcare centres and community organisations to host a free Triple P seminar for parents and carers in their local community.

Contact the DECD.FamiliesTripleP [at] sa.gov.au (Triple P team) to express your interest in hosting a seminar.

Become an accredited Triple P provider

Free Triple P training is available for community and government organisations across South Australia that provide family and parenting support in the specified areas.

As a Triple P provider you will be given free training resources and free parent resources.

Contact the DECD.FamiliesTripleP [at] sa.gov.au (Triple P team) to become an accredited Triple P provider in your workplace.


Triple P team

Phone: 8226 0334
Email: DECD.FamiliesTripleP [at] sa.gov.au