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Combined public access catalogues (CPAC)

CPAC allows data from Bookmark to be put onto the internet. A simple webpage provides search-only access to the catalogue data. This is achieved by uploading library data to a prepared online database.

Only users who know your CPAC search page address can access it. The address can be a link from your library page.

CPAC provides lookup search-only access to the data. Users cannot borrow or return items, material cannot be added to or removed from the database, and private borrower information is not available.


  • Resources can be searched from any location – in the school, outside, at home, anywhere.
  • Secure search - users are not able to directly access data and cannot change it.
  • Groups of schools can pool resources so they can be located by a single search.
  • Book cover graphics can be displayed.

Setting up a CPAC

The CPAC listing provides examples of searchable CPAC catalogues. The examples are a good place to help you design your own search page.

The CPAC manual (PDF 1.73KB) provides instructions on how to:

  • design the search, results and details pages
  • export your catalogue data from your library to the search function
  • upload book cover images
  • include reviews in search results
  • link the search page to your website.

Request the implementation of your design via the CPAC application form and checklist (DOC 52KB).

Bookmark help desk

Phone: 8226 1541 or 1800 261 541
EmailDECD.Bookmark [at] sa.gov.au