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Asbestos management

Asbestos may still be located in many items or facilities at SA government schools and preschool worksites.

Asbestos examples

Examples of typical asbestos-containing materials include:

  • building construction materials such as fibro sheets, floor tiles beneath carpets, roof sheets, roof tiles and shingles
  • ceiling insulation materials
  • lagging around hot water systems and in heating equipment (such as kilns, heating mantles and laboratory ovens)
  • brake pads on older vehicles in automotive workshops
  • carrels in libraries.

There are many other examples of asbestos-containing materials at DECD sites, therefore site managers must ensure that all suspected asbestos-containing materials are verified by DPTI Asbestos Services.

Working with asbestos

When undertaking any work involving asbestos, ensure that:

  • DPTI Asbestos Services is notified before any asbestos is removed
  • DPTI Asbestos Services or other fully-licensed and qualified asbestos removal contractors are employed
  • any work involving asbestos occurs outside of school or preschool operating hours.

Further information


Asset Support Centre

Phone: 1800 810 076
EmailDECD.asc [at] sa.gov.au