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Investment in STEM

From 2016 to 2018, the department will invest $250 million in our schools to refurbish or redevelop facilities to provide STEM learning hubs.

This will make it easier and more attractive for students to develop skills in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics).

Importance of STEM skills

75% of jobs in the next 10 years will need STEM skills.

The STEM Works program will give our teachers the facilities they need to:

  • inspire innovation and creativity
  • stimulate imagination
  • challenge students
  • encourage future innovation and productivity.

How the investment will be used

This $250 million will be invested across 139 schools. Up to $1 million per school will be invested in 77 primary schools, $2.5 million per school in 44 secondary schools and $3.5 million per school in 18 R-12 area schools. This investment will provide contemporary learning facilities for around 75,000 students.

The project will also provide a range of economic benefits to the state, including the creation of 625 full time jobs.

The list of STEM schools page has a full list of the schools.

When the projects will start

Construction started in 2016, with all projects to be finished by December 2018.

Construction on STEM Works is being fast-tracked to help stimulate the South Australian economy and create local jobs.

Why have some schools been selected over others?

A range of asset-related data was extracted from the Asset Master Planning tool which was used to determine which schools were selected for the program.

This data included the type of school, school enrolment information and enrolment trends, current capacity, historical maintenance, recent infrastructure improvements and demographic projections.

Based on the criteria used, DECD are providing access to improved STEM facilities to over 75,000 students which is over 45% of the student population in public schools.

There is a weighting towards secondary schools as DECD is aiming to ensure the majority of secondary students access contemporary STEM facilities.

The following enrolment minimums were considered as part of the criteria in conjunction with the above mentioned data sets:

  • Primary – minimum 150 enrolment
  • Secondary, metropolitan/Greater Adelaide – minimum 500 enrolment
  • Secondary, country – minimum 300 enrolment
  • R-12 – metropolitan/Greater Adelaide minimum 400 enrolment
  • R-12 – country – minimum 300 enrolment.

Schools that were recently upgraded through capital investment funding were analysed in relation to their STEM facilities to determine if they would be considered for funding, including schools upgraded through the secondary school expansions, new schools and special schools under the special school renewal program.


STEM Works team

Phone: 8226 6559
EmailDECD.STEMWorks [at] sa.gov.au