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Sustainable Schools Program

The Sustainable Schools Program (SSP) is a government initiative to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of schools and work towards creating Low Carbon Schools. The program will reduce electricity costs through energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations.

Two hundred and forty schools (PDF 296KB) across South Australia have been selected for the program.

The $15 million investment in solar panels and energy efficiency improvements will:

  • reduce school electricity costs
  • reduce electricity consumption
  • reduce carbon emissions
  • create jobs for South Australians.

SSP works will begin in 2017 with anticipated completion of all works by the end of 2018.

Solar power installation

Solar power installation and lighting upgrades will be made at 40 schools.

Lighting upgrades

Lighting upgrades including LED lighting, sensors and timers will be installed at 200 schools.

Site selection and industry participation

240 schools have been selected for the program, and the SSP will target SA industry participation.