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Professional learning for FLO staff and providers

Professional learning and support is available for flexible learning centres and department sites.

Workshops help with increased student, family and community engagement. Some of the workshops available include:

  • Students Leading Positive Play (PALs) play at lunchtimes
  • Strengthening family & community engagement in student learning
  • Student mentoring
  • Student learning coaches – coaching young people for success
  • Involve us
  • Parents as career transitions support (PACTS).

If you want to register for one of these workshops decd.studentengagement [at] sa.gov.au (email student engagement).

Training for teaching the child protection curriculum

If you are a flexible learning options (FLO) provider, you must do the Keeping Safe: child protection curriculum training.


Student Engagement unit

Phone: 8226 2415
EmailDECD.StudentEngagement [at] sa.gov.au