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Information and communication technology (ICT) general capabilities

Many students are growing up with the internet and technology as part of their everyday life. The Australian Curriculum captures the way technology is used in our world, and aims to help students use technologies to enhance their school and community lives. They learn to develop and apply these important skills and social and ethical protocols and practices in each learning area.

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There are 5 parts to the ICT capability:

  • applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT – recognising intellectual property, applying security and safety protocols and identifying the impacts of ICT in society
  • investigating with ICT – locating, generating and accessing data and information to investigate questions, topics or problems using ICT
  • creating with ICT – generating ideas, plans and processes to create solutions to challenges
  • communicating with ICT – sharing and exchanging ideas, information and solutions with different audiences
  • managing and operating ICT – applying technical knowledge and skills to use appropriate digital technologies to investigate, create and communicate.


Students develop ICT capability as they use digital tools to find and analyse information, communicate safely and effectively, and manage digital systems. They develop and apply social and ethical rules to manage and operate ICT in many diverse ways.

A good example is year 5 science, where students observe, measure and record data with accuracy using appropriate digital technologies. They operate different devices to undertake tasks and manage the data and information on different networks.

Year 8 students in design and technologies might use ICT to collaboratively generate ideas and develop plans. In groups or working alone, they select, compare and justify choices of information, materials, tools, equipment and techniques to effectively create solutions.

In English, year 2 students access and develop texts that feature print, visual and audio elements using ICT. They consider how their texts can be shared with others and how their work may be used by others.

Helping your child

You can help your child develop ICT capability by:

  • taking an interest in what your child is doing with ICT and asking them to show you how it works
  • talking about safety and security issues relating to online activities
  • talking about the positive ways ICT is used in family life and how decisions can be made about its use
  • talking about how ICT helps with strategies for problem solving.


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