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Volunteering in schools, preschools and children's centres

Your local school, preschool or children's centre will often be looking for volunteers. There is a wide variety of roles and you can find out more by contacting the site directly. Some ideas for volunteering might be:

  • helping with a child's learning
  • becoming a sports coach
  • joining a parent group
  • mentoring students
  • helping out on camps and excursions
  • joining a school or preschool governing council
  • working in the kitchen garden.

Who can volunteer

Anyone can be a volunteer. Some volunteers will need a relevant history screening. You can talk to the site leader about what’s needed.

Beyond that, if you want to volunteer, we’d encourage you to get in contact with your local site. It’s up to the site leader to choose volunteers who will work well in the local community.

What to expect

If you decide to volunteer, you can expect an introduction that covers some basic things, like:

Volunteers are supervised by the department’s staff. The level of supervision will be different based on the work you do and if there is direct contact with students. Volunteers working directly with children are always working with one of our staff.

Why volunteer

Volunteering benefits everyone involved. Some benefits can be:

  • making a positive difference for children and students
  • being able to give back to the community
  • a sense of belonging and feeling happier
  • learning new skills.

Policies, procedures and guidelines

Information for site leaders

Templates and other site-leader information about volunteering is available on the department’s intranet (staff login required).



Phone: 8226 3795
Emaildecd.volunteers [at] sa.gov.au