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Keeping Safe: Child protection curriculum

The Keeping Safe: Child protection curriculum (KS:CPC) teaches children from a young age to:

  • recognise abuse and tell a trusted adult about it
  • understand what is appropriate and inappropriate touching
  • understand ways of keeping themselves safe.

The curriculum has been developed by child protection experts and experienced educators from South Australian schools and preschools.

It is a requirement under the child protection in schools, early childhood education and care services policy (PDF 171KB) that:

  • all children and young people in DECD preschools and schools will access the approved child protection curriculum each year
  • the approved child protection curriculum will be taught by staff that have received training in its use.

See child protection curriculum training for details on full day and update training.

Focus of the curriculum

The program follows two main themes:

  • we all have the right to be safe
  • we can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust.

These two themes are explored through four focus areas:

  • the right to be safe
  • relationships
  • recognising and reporting abuse
  • protective strategies.

The focus areas are examined in complexity according to the age of the learners.

See implementing the child protection curriculum for help with teaching the program.

Communicating with parents and carers

Although parent permission is not required for students to participate in the KS:CPC, sites should keep parents and carers informed and encourage them to seek further clarification if required. This can be done through:

  • newsletters
  • site website
  • parent or carers letters
  • class overviews
  • information sessions
  • governing council meetings.

A range of parent communication resources are available for staff to use on the child protection portal (staff login required).

Resources include:

  • a sample parent letter
  • brochures
  • student report examples
  • newsletter articles
  • concept summaries
  • PowerPoint presentation.

Parents and carers can access the KS:CPC brochures and information in various languages on the sa.gov website.


Learner wellbeing

Phone: 8226 5887
Email: DECD.CPC [at] sa.gov.au