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Curriculum taught in South Australia

An overview of curriculum taught to South Australia students from birth to year 10.

Early years

The national Early Years Learning framework guides the learning of children from birth to 5 years of age and through the transition to school.

It is a guide to the programs in a range of early childhood settings. There is more information available on the early years curriculum on the sa.gov.au website:

Indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy

As outlined in the numeracy and literacy strategy, parents and families want a better understanding of the numeracy and literacy achievements of their children, and teachers want more consistency in their assessment and reporting.

The department has developed indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy for teachers to use to identify, plan for, assess, monitor and report on each child’s learning and growth.

More detail is available in the implementation for indicators of preschool numeracy and literacy (PDF 2.2MB) document.

Schooling - reception to year 10

The Australian Curriculum is taught in government schools for reception to year 10 students.

Teachers use curriculum to:

  • plan student learning
  • monitor and assess student progress
  • report student progress to parents
  • support student wellbeing.

The curriculum learning areas are:

Elective for year 9 and year 10 students:

There are 7 general capabilities that describe the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that children and young people need to live, learn and work successfully in a changing world.

There are 3 cross-curriculum priorities that provide global, national and regional dimensions to develop students’ knowledge, understanding and skills relating to:

Version of Australian Curriculum

Following the Australian Government’s review of the Australian Curriculum, changes have been made to version 7.5 of the curriculum. The latest version (8.1) aims to:

  • make the curriculum easier to manage, particularly for primary teachers
  • simplify the curriculum’s presentation
  • strengthen the focus on literacy.

The circular, changes to the reception to year 10 Australian Curriculum and implementation in DECD schools (PDF 153KB), details what this change means for DECD schools.

Years 10 to 12

Get information about curriculum and study options for students in year 10 to 12:

Keeping Safe: child protection curriculum

The Keeping Safe: child protection curriculum is required for all children and young people in state, independent and Catholic preschools and schools.


Learning Improvement division


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  • Primary Learners Directorate  - 8463 5829
  • Secondary Learners Directorate - 8463 5847
  • Strategic Design Directorate – 8463 5978
  • Professional Practices Directorate - 8226 2750

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