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Private music instructors (PMIs)

To access a private music instructor, contact your school.

Become a private music instructor

All department schools must follow a recruitment process. We recommend that you contact the school leaders to discuss their intended process.

It is suggested that anyone considering seeking employment in a SA Government school:

To receive a letter of authorisation (LOA) from Music Programs you must submit:

  • a completed registration form, which can be requested DECD.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au (via e-mail)
  • your relevant history screening clearance letter
  • your responding to abuse and neglect – education and care certificate (RAN-EC)
  • your highest music and/or education qualification.

If applicable, you must also include your:

  • teachers registration certificate
  • special authority to teach (SAT) and/or employable ancillary register (EAR) letter.

Once you have gathered this information you can submit your registration DECD.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au

Music Programs will evaluate your submission before emailing and posting you a letter of authorisation.

Private music instructors must provide each school with a copy of their current LOA, DCSI relevant history screening clearance letter and RAN-EC certificate.

Requesting a DCSI relevant history screening

If you require a new DCSI screening, email DECD.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au with the following information to initiate your online screening request: 

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • current email address
  • DECD employee ID number (if you have one)
  • details of the prospective role for which you are applying. 

A link to the online application will be emailed to you, follow the instructions outlined in the DCSI online application process fact sheet (PDF 653KB) to complete your online application. 


Private music instructors are required to pay for their own screening: 

  • Contractor $103.40 (inc. GST).

Responding to abuse and neglect (RAN) training

You must attend a full day face-to-face responding to abuse and neglect - education and care training. This is the only training course accepted. The RAN – child safe environments course is not accepted.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that your training is updated regularly.

Refer to Responding to Abuse and Neglect - education and care for further information.

Annual renewal for PMI letter of authorisation

Each year all private music instructors will be emailed a registration form for you to:

  • update your details
  • advise Music Programs of where you will be teaching next year.

Return the form to decd.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au

Once received and approved, a new letter of authorisation (LOA) will be emailed and posted to you.

Each year, provide all schools you teach at with a copy of:

  • LOA letter
  • DCSI letter
  • RAN-EC certificate.

Graduate Certificate in Music Teaching

The Graduate Certificate in Music Teaching is offered by the University of Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium of Music and aimed at in-service instrumental music teachers.

Graduates will gain the skills required for registration with the Teachers' Registration Board of SA, under the special authority to teach category.

For more information about this course, visit the University of Adelaide website.


Music programs

Phone: 8226 1883
Emaildecd.musicprograms [at] sa.gov.au