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SA School Sport

Sport is an integral part of the total education department program of South Australian schools. The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) supports sport through policy development, curriculum initiatives, professional development opportunities, resourcing, and the conduct of a statewide sport program. DECD supports sport under the auspices of SAPSASA and SSSSA.

Visit the school sport website for more information about sport in schools, upcoming events, awards and more.

Primary School Sport (SAPSASA)

SAPSASA is responsible for administering primary school sports programs throughout the state. SAPSASA works in consultation with Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA) to run school sport programs for DECD, Catholic and independent schools. Affiliation with SAPSASA is open to every government and non-government school with a primary component in the state. Primary school children aged 10 years and older are eligible to participate in SAPSASA programs.

Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA)

Secondary School Sport SA (SSSSA) is a committee of the Department of Education and Child Development which provides students (year 7 to year 13) from DECD, independent and Catholic Schools with quality educational opportunities through sport, from grass roots competitions through to  international championships. SSSSA is affiliated with School Sport Australia (SSA), the national body responsible for interstate competitions. On behalf of SSA, it hosts national championships, which are the result of our quality state-based programs and which offer talented students the chance to participate in high-level school sporting competitions.

School Sport Australia

School Sport Australia is the national body responsible for interstate championships. Both SAPSASA and SSSSA, and all state and territory school bodies except for Tasmania, are affiliated with it. Tasmania participates where School Sport Australia has an arrangement with individual state sporting associations.


SA School Sport

SAPSASA – Primary school sport
 8416 5900
Email: decd.sapsasa [at] sa.gov.au

SASSSA – Secondary School Sport SA
 8416 5920
Email: decd.sasssa [at] sa.gov.au