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Austswim candidates

The Department for Education and Child Development (DECD) Swimming and Aquatics unit welcomes Austswim candidates who wish to get teaching experience in the DECD swimming program.

Contact the instructor-in-charge at the swimming centre you wish to access.

Eligibility and qualifications

You must provide evidence of:

Child related employment screening (CRES) application process

To apply for a child related employment screening:

  1. Download a child related employment screening application form (PDF 687KB).
  2. Select payment option 1, tick ‘volunteer’.
  3. Complete section D with the following information:

D1 – Requesting organisation

DECD Swimming and Aquatics unit

Level 1 East, 31 Flinders Street

Adelaide SA 5000

D2 – Requesting officer/contact person

‘Tick if the requesting officer is the same person as the verifying officer’ (leave blank)

Title: Mr

Name: Peter Roberts

Position: Manager, Sport, Swimming and Aquatics unit

Phone: 8226 2403

Mobile: leave blank

Email: Peter.Roberts3 [at] sa.gov.au

Alternate contact: Swimming and Aquatics unit

Alternate email: DECDSwimaquatics [at] sa.gov.au

D3 – Employment/placement/volunteer details

Give a proposed date of employment (DD/MM/YY).

D4 – Sole trader

Mark as ‘not applicable’.

Role description


4.Pay the fee and submit the form at a post office.

5.If you are successful in the screening, DCSI will send a letter stating that you have been cleared for child related paid or volunteer work.

If you are planning to complete your practical teaching component of the Austswim course with Swimming and Aquatics unit you will need to provide a copy of this letter to the instructor-in-charge of your selected centre.

If you plan to seek employment as an assistant instructor or an instructor with the Swimming and Aquatics unit the CRES is one of the required qualifications.

Employment conditions

See working in swimming and aquatics for more information about pay rates and working as an assistant instructor or instructor in the Swimming and Aquatics unit.


Swimming and Aquatics unit

Phone: 8226 1302
Fax: 8115 5558
Email: DECDswimaquatics [at] sa.gov.au