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Knockout competitions – Sapsasa Primary School Sport

Schools intending to nominate for Sapsasa primary school knockout competitions must begin planning 4 to 6 weeks before the competition. Late nominations will not be accepted.

School responsibilities

Each school has responsibility for their students who take part in knockout events. Please make sure that the department's policies and procedures are followed.


The fee for knockout competitions is $11 (inc GST) per team.

Draws and sport rules

The sports and competitions page will help you find the draws and rules for your sport. Draws will be available on the specific sport pages once nominations have closed.

Term 1 and 4


  • Cricket - Term 1 and 4: Boys large schools, boys small schools and girls
  • Softball - Term 1 and 4: Boys and girls
  • Tennis – Term 1 and 4: Boys and girls

Nomination due date

Nominations are closed.

Finals dates

  • Softball – Tuesday 28 November
  • Tennis – Tuesday 28 November
  • Cricket – Wednesday 29 November

Term 2 and 3


  • Australian football: Boys large and small schools, girls
  • Football (soccer): Boys and girls large and small schools
  • Hockey: boys and girls
  • Netball: Girls large and small schools, boys

Nomination due date

Nominations are closed.

Finals dates

  • Australian rules football: Wednesday 27 September
  • Football (soccer): Thursday 28 September
  • Hockey: Wednesday 27 September
  • Netball: Thursday 28 September

Nomination instructions

Each school must only complete the online nomination form once. Changes to nominations will only be accepted by sending an email to DECD.SAPSASA [at] sa.gov.au.

Once the form has been submitted you will receive confirmation within 2 working days via the email address you entered into the form. The confirmation email will show all the competitions entered as well as the total entry fee to be paid to Sapsasa.


Sapsasa – Primary School Sport

Phone: 8416 5900
Email: decd.sapsasa [at] sa.gov.au