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RAN-EC induction sessions for volunteers

DECD sites should log into the DECD intranet for further information and resources regarding the RAN-EC induction session for volunteers.

All volunteers, including school or governing council members, who provide ongoing assistance with education and care sites and settings must be provided with the Responding to Abuse and Neglect – Education and Care (RAN-EC) induction session for volunteers.  

The RAN-EC induction outlines child protection responsibilities and provides guidelines on protective practices. If the information changes significantly volunteers will be advised by the site leader that they will need to update their RAN-EC volunteer induction.

Why volunteers must receive the RAN-EC induction

Mandated notifiers 

Volunteers working with children (under 18 years of age) are considered mandated notifiers under the Children's Protection Act 1993.

They must report to the Department for Child Protection (DCP) via the Child Abuse Report Line (CARL) 13 14 78 any suspicion on reasonable grounds that a child or young person has been or is being abused and/or neglected and the suspicion is formed in the course of their volunteering.  

Delivering the RAN-EC induction


Volunteers on department sites

The local department site leader must facilitate a 2 hour RAN-EC induction for their volunteers. They might delegate the responsibility to another member of the site leadership team.

The site leader can also request the SA Association of School Parent's Clubs Inc (SAASPC) deliver the RAN-EC induction session for volunteers.

Volunteers from third party providers

Third party providers are responsible for providing RAN-EC induction to their volunteers. Third party providers must confirm for department site leaders that their volunteers have accessed the induction. They are able to download the same materials that department sites use in the RAN-EC volunteer induction session.

If it is convenient to the department site, third party providers can also send their volunteers to join the site’s RAN-EC volunteer induction session. The department site leader must see and record the RAN-EC certificate of participation provided by the third party provider volunteer.

The department recommends that third party providers:

  • delivering the RAN-EC induction for volunteers have already completed the full day RAN-EC training
  • keep records of their volunteers having attended a RAN-EC induction for volunteers and keep a copy of the signed certificate of participation on file.

During the induction

At the RAN-EC induction, volunteers will:

See the induction session resources for copies of these documents.

Induction session resources

The RAN-EC induction for volunteers content must be followed and covered as provided by the department. No sections can be missed or amended unless new material is provided by the department. 

Nominating a site leader

During the induction, volunteers must be provided with the name of a site leader who can provide advice and support to the volunteer about any child protection or wellbeing concerns. The nominated site leader must be a department employee in a leadership position at the site.

Starting at a new department site

If a volunteer starts at a new site, the RAN-EC induction does not need to be done a second time.

The department site leaders will make sure that the volunteer has a current RAN-EC induction participation certificate and provide them with site-specific child protection information. They will also make sure that volunteers are told who their nominated site leader is.

Different circumstances

Some volunteers from third party providers might need to instead do the full day RAN-EC training.

See sites and third party providers – RAN-EC training responsibilities for more information.

If you aren’t sure what training you or your volunteers have to do DECD.CSW [at] sa.gov.au (contact us).

Ongoing assistance

Ongoing assistance by a volunteer can be either regular or irregular. This might mean:

  • once a week
  • once a fortnight
  • every day for a term
  • once a term
  • whenever they can fit it in around other commitments.

Child Development and Wellbeing

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