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Discretionary payments

Discretionary payments for teachers with temporary teaching service in SA public schools

The 2014–15 State Budget Paper 3 established a fund of $15 million for once-off discretionary payments to some teachers whose long service leave entitlements were reduced following amendments to the Education Act 1972.


You are eligible to be considered for this payment if

  • you have had temporary teaching service in SA public schools under the Education Act 1972 as a contract teacher and/or a temporary relieving teacher, which includes service between 28 February 1997 and 29 February 2012.
  • you have had a break in teaching service under the Education Act 1972 that was greater than 3 months plus vacations and less than 2 years

Both current and past employees may apply.

If you are not sure of your eligibility or your service history, you may still submit an application. There is no need to request a statement of service document. Information about your service record will be collated by DECD.

Application process

Applications open at the start of term 4, 2016 and close at the end of the year – Monday 17 October 2016 to Friday 30 December 2016. Use the application for discretionary payment form to apply.

Only after all applications have been received by DECD and considered by the Attorney-General can payments be made. This will ensure that total payments do not exceed the available fund of $15 million. Until all applications are received it will not be possible to estimate how long the process will take.

The taxation rate on payments is being considered by the Department of Treasury and Finance and will be updated on this page.


Because of the estimated large number of applications, individual queries may be submitted only by email to DECD.TeacherLSL [at] sa.gov.au